Support for individuals, couples, and parents is found in many different ways in my office:
Before conception, I provide support for individuals dealing with fertility issues or making decisions about having children or not. I also work with all couples going through adoption and surrogacy process (before and after).
After conception, I provide support for mood and anxiety issues, as well as support for parents who have lost their child (due to miscarriage, abortion, or neonatal loss).
Parenting skills (and sometimes Parents’ Group) are taught throughout treatment.

Couples (before and after marriage) come to me when they have either exhausted their communication skills and still frustrated with where the relationship is, or are having issues of trust, intimacy, and need help (re) building the relationship they dream/want. I use Gottman therapy and other psychotherapy techniques.

Regardless of the issues presented by my patients, I truly love my profession and the work I do.

Coming from a complex background (I’m a first-generation immigrant) and having an “analytical mind” (I studied Architecture and later Civil Engineering prior to Clinical Psychology) helped me to connect with both men and women from all kinds of backgrounds.

Using my education (and my experience as a human being, adoptive-mother, student, teacher, friend, family member, and being LGBTQ friendly) I help my patients to “normalize” themselves, using positive psychology, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and mindfulness.

Regardless of your age, I am very dedicated to my patients, providing a good, safe, and non-judgmental environment where you can be “real” and really work out your problems.

In a more personal note, when I am not in “working mode,” you may find me walking in neighborhoods, eating good meals, cooking Brazilian food, being focused on doing different types of crafts (painting, knitting, making jewelry, rock-painting), gardening, meditating, or just soaking up the sun. I try to apply to myself what I preach to my clients.

If you are questioning if you are ready to commit yourself to therapy, give me a call for a 15-minute FREE consultation and find out how you can start this process.

Dr. Rosana Marzullo-Dove

(813) 613-8587