Reproductive Psychology deals with psychological aspects of human reproductions and its possible complications.

According to the Center of Disease Control, in the United States, 50% of all pregnancies ends up in miscarriage even before the woman knows she was ever pregnant, which could’ve happened before her next period. Moreover, 25% of all “known” pregnancies will not be completed through spontaneous (miscarriage) or voluntary abortion.

But before getting further on that statistics, there are another number of people (6.1 million women) who are dealing with issues of fertility.  Although the medical technology is rapidly advancing to treat infertility, the psychological support to help these people is not readily available, as there are only few mental health professionals specialized in helping people who are suffering with the trauma of infertility and baby loss.

This grief and loss, if not taken care of, can linger for many years to come. It is essential for man and woman to process their experiences of losing their fertility, pregnancy, or baby as soon as they can, together and individually with a specialized psychotherapist.

If you have been through such an experience, you might be having intense feelings of sadness, longingness, despair, anger, irritability, crying “for no reason”, not wanting to talk or see anyone. Yet, this is the exact moment that you should reach out and get help.

This website was built to help you getting more information about what you have been through and help you heal from those unspeakable wounds.

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